We offer a comprehensive consultancy service so that you can find the solution you are looking for without wasting time. We look for the best locations for you and your needs

We strive to find the right commercial solution for your business needs. We are able to provide a complete service for both the purchase of existing space and the creation of new space, starting from the ground up to the supply of turnkey furniture, thanks to strong business relationships throughout Europe.

If you wish we can offer an innovative property search service across the local market. We search for the right property, we let you view and get to know the area (including aerial surveys), we follow you in the drafting of the deed and we also follow you after the purchase with the management of your property. This is a search method that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, especially for those clients who do not have the time to follow the search for the property of their dreams.

Do you want to sell?
Do you want to sell?

Selling real estate is the most complex, difficult and important process in a person's life.

We make it as easy as possible with over 12 years of experience in the local property market coupled with the expertise of our consultants and an unrivalled marketing and sales strategy.

We will be your trusted partner: from the drawing up of the sales order to the signing of the sales contract; we will accompany you through all the steps and also in any reinvestment.

Sales process (schematised with icons):

Definition of the market value: we carry out an in-depth appraisal of the property using automated systems that are periodically updated with real sale and purchase data.

Sales price and strategy: a correct sales price is defined and the best possible strategy is agreed upon. All doubts and questions are resolved at this stage.

Marketing: We create professional documentation (photos, videos, aerial images, 3D virtual tours) and advertise on the best Swiss and foreign real estate portals. Furthermore, thanks to an innovative CRM system, we follow the client step by step with automatic updates for our clients.

Buyer management: we manage the buyer from the receipt of the request (both online and offline) to the definition of the draft sale deed. All this is supported by periodic follow-ups as the practice progresses through dedicated management software.

Closing: we use professional sales and negotiation strategies. The role of a good estate agency is to make both the seller and the buyer happy, which is a delicate task but one that is close to our heart.

Marketing and Value creation
Marketing and Value creation

We define the best sales, advertising and marketing strategy to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. Our active and proactive approach to the market takes full advantage of the technology and tools we have at our disposal. Through our digital department we can set up online campaigns geared towards a specific target group. Through professional photos and videos and 3D virtual tours we are able to find a customer ready to buy your property, creating value, interest and curiosity. Every single property has its own story and we strive to make it unique on the market by taking care of descriptions, characteristics of both the object and the area.

3D Virtual Tour Matterport
3D Virtual Tour Matterport

We love technology and innovation and apply it to real estate marketing, with excellent results. Using this innovative 3D laser scanning system, it is possible to view every angle and detail of the property, and even to measure walls and walls, maximising physical visits. Main features: VIRTUAL VISIT: the property is visited in an immersive way, viewing all the details as if it were a real visit. It is also possible to view it through the use of special glasses. DIRECT MEASUREMENT: possibility of measuring any space with a 1% margin of error REAL 3D: using the "Dollhouse" view, you can see the property from outside and rotate it in every axis LINK SHARING: The 3D presentation link can be shared on social channels such as Linkedine and Facebook or via Whatsapp and viewed directly from a smartphone without installing an app.

Professional photography and video
Professional photography and video "There is no second chance to make a good first impression' is how Oscar Wilde defined the importance of the first impact between two people who had never met before in their lives.

The function of emotional photography is exactly that, to create a good first impression, impact, interest!

Photos and videos are taken care of in-house by our team because we know how important this phase is in the process of creating target contacts and thus achieving a targeted visit.
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