Buying a new home certainly represents a very important step in one's life: regardless of the type of property you decide to purchase, it is important never to underestimate the location and the urban area.

Lugano, like other Swiss and international cities, is made up of various areas, each of which is characterised by certain peculiarities that make them particularly suitable and appropriate for certain specific needs. If you intend to invest in the real estate market in the Lugano area, it will in that case be important to have a thorough knowledge of the city's reality and the relative zones that are articulated in the urban context.

Lugano is a modern city, the economic and financial nerve centre of the Canton of Ticino; the city expresses itself in a mix of Mediterranean and Swiss culture, in some ways very similar to some cities in Lombardy. The cultural mix is reflected in the city's architecture, but certainly also in the tourist, culinary and gastronomic aspects. Thanks to its particularly favourable location, Lugano is an easily accessible city from Italy, situated only 79 kilometres from Milan.

The city can also boast an important artistic and cultural heritage: a visit to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo or to the enchanting Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli is a must. The LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura), houses the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art of Italian Switzerland, where exhibitions and events dedicated to children are frequently organised.

For all nature lovers, Lugano and the Lugano area in general are able to offer an unparalleled landscape: Monte San Salvatore is undoubtedly one of the most significant peaks in the Canton of Ticino, which can be reached by means of an evocative funicular railway.

Finally, Lugano is a popular destination for shopping enthusiasts: in addition to enchanting handmade Swiss souvenirs, in the city you can buy clothes made by the most prestigious international labels, as well as prestigious jewellery and watches. However, chocolate seems to be the most popular purchase for tourists and residents alike. For all those intending to purchase property in the city of Lugano, here is a brief, explanatory excursus on the main areas of the city, highlighting their peculiarities, characteristics and prices per square metre.

Melide and Bissone areas

To the south of the urban context, close to the Italian border, there is the Melide and Bissone area, characterised by a context equipped with all the services needed when evaluating a real estate investment and extremely convenient due to its proximity to the motorway network. In Melide and Bissone there are schools, restaurants, lidos, post offices, banks and many other services.

Both Melide and Bissone also enjoy excellent lake views and sun exposure. The prices of the properties located in Melide and in Bissone range from 6,000 to 18,000 Francs per square metre respectively.

Lugano Paradiso area

Going up from the south towards the city centre, we find the prestigious Paradiso area: in the last ten years, this place has been the part of the city characterised by the highest real estate demand. A few years ago, Paradiso was known as the 'red light' district; however, in recent years, the district has been completely cleaned up, abandoning this name and becoming probably the cleanest and best-kept area of the city. Thanks to major public and private investments, Paradiso has quickly become one of Lugano's most desirable districts.

The northern exposure conditions the idea of many people that Paradiso is, so to speak, 'in the shade'; however, it should be pointed out that this is an untrue assertion, since there is a large part of the Paradiso area that can enjoy exposure to sunlight until the late afternoon hours. What makes the Paradiso area even more attractive is the tax multiplier, in this place among the lowest in Canton Ticino.

The prices of real estate located in the Lugano Paradiso area, will range from a figure of 8,000 Francs, up to 18,000, 20,000 Francs respectively. The importance of the prices underlines how this area is certainly one of the most exclusive in the city of Lugano to date.

Lugano Centre

The city centre area has always been synonymous with the "non plus ultra" in terms of services and comfort: in Lugano Centro we find, unlike in the Paradiso area, finely renovated buildings. In the city centre it is not at all easy to find completely new buildings.

Another aspect in common with the Paradiso area is that even in the city centre it will be difficult to find villas or detached houses: in fact, we can state that approximately 95 per cent of the real estate market in Lugano Centro consists of flats in condominiums.

Here, too, prices on the real estate market range from 8,000 Francs per square metre to 18,000 to 20,000 Francs. Lugano Centro, together with the Paradiso area, is the most exclusive area in which to purchase a property in the city.

Collina d'oro urban area

Another opportunity for those intending to buy a property in Lugano is the Collina d'Oro area: this area of the city certainly represents a particularly desirable and interesting location, not least because of the presence of the American Tasis School. The Collina d'Oro is the area of the city characterised by the highest per capita income in the Lugano area.

The Collina d'Oro is the area with the highest concentration of villas and detached houses, as opposed to flats and condominiums. This area of the city, due to its characteristics and peculiarities, certainly lends itself more to families: the concentration of foreign families is very high.

The Collina d'Oro area is also very desirable because of its proximity to Agno Airport and its convenience in reaching the motorway. This area is also known for the presence on its territory of the Hermann Hesse Museum.

Property prices in the Collina d'Oro area range from 6,000 Francs per square metre to 20,000 Francs for highly prestigious properties.

Monte Brè - Cassarate

Moving to the other side of the city from the Collina d'Oro, we find the Monte Brè area, certainly the most holiday and touristy place in Lugano. The Cassarate area is located near the lido, tennis courts and municipal swimming pool.

The areas of Castagnola, Ruvigliana and Aldesago, have always been considered particularly popular areas: in this part of the city it is possible to find numerous villas, but also beautiful flats with an enchanting view of the lake and the city.

The prices of real estate in this area of Lugano, start at a figure of 6,000 Francs per square metre, up to 25,000 Francs for the most luxurious properties.

We have concluded our brief excursus on the main areas of the metropolitan context of the city of Lugano, to facilitate your orientation in choosing the city area with the characteristics most compatible with your needs, and on which to direct your search for the purchase of a property in the city.

Looking at the main areas of the city of Lugano, we can state that the city tends to be recognised as a particularly expensive context; the high prices are certainly influenced by the high safety standards, the residents' sense of civic duty and the city's excellent cleanliness. In Lugano and the Lugano area in general, the climate is excellent. In the city's restaurants you can enjoy the best of Mediterranean and international cuisine. There are many factors that make Lugano the best urban environment in which to bring up one's children.

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