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Selling a house is a long and complex process, with numerous aspects to be taken into consideration during negotiations.

Often even the most attractive properties risk remaining on the market for some time and, at that point, lowering the price may seem the only possible solution to close the deal.

Relying on an agency with years of experience in the field, on the other hand, allows you to bring into play sales strategies that can speed up the process and lead to surprising results.

In this article we will analyse our most recent success story, in which we sold a house in just 48 hours!

Impossible? Absolutely not.

We will see how a proper initial valuation and a careful pricing strategy attracted numerous interested buyers, generating several competitive offers that even exceeded the list price.

First step: setting an appropriate price.

The story of this successful sale starts with an accurate and professional valuation of the property.

The owners had estimated the value of their property at 930,000 Swiss francs, but after analysing market prices and defining a sales strategy together, we agreed to advertise the property at a price of 915,000 Swiss francs.

On this occasion, the trust the owners placed in us was crucial, allowing us to define the right starting price, in line with the market and existing demand.

This immediately attracted the attention of many potential buyers, who knew that they had spotted an excellent real estate opportunity.

Step two: make the house desirable.

Advertising the house at the right market price was only the first step in the sales strategy implemented by our agency. Next, it was crucial to focus on the desirability of the property.

We focused on communicating the value of the property in an effective and engaging way, published a description full of highly attractive details, highlighted unique strengths and used professional photos to highlight distinctive features.

We created a highly desirable image of the house, prompting potential buyers to seriously consider buying the property. 

Step three: Stimulate a sense of urgency.

Within hours of the advertisement being published, a wave of interest washed over the property.

Many enquiries and inspection proposals reached our agency.

All of them were aware of the great attractiveness of the ad and felt the urgency to speed up the time to close the deal.

The combination of an appropriate price, an attractive description and the sense of urgency to seize the opportunity at once made many buyers feel motivated to make an offer right away.

The interested parties were aware that the house could be sold quickly and, as they did not want to miss the opportunity to buy, they immediately made an offer higher than the initial request.

Thanks to a clear and well-defined strategy, we closed the negotiations extremely quickly and with a final offer that was higher than the list price.

The owners, who trusted our advice completely, achieved their goal within only 48 hours and were able to make a higher profit than the initial demand.

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