How it works and how to make the right choice


Selling a house by yourself can be really stressful and very difficult.

For this reason, many people decide to rely on an agency of real estate professionals who can help them put their property on the market and offer to potential buyers.

Those who have decided to sell their home with a real estate agency definitely need some tips on how this procedure works, as well as some advice on how to make the right choice when signing the contract.

Thanks to tought competition in this branch, it is indeed complicated to distinguish offers and opportunities: a real estate agency is, in fact, nothing more than a private company that is in charge of acting as an intermediary between potential buyers and sellers, supporting both parties and accompanying them to the end of buying and selling property. For this reason, it is an entity that operates in a condition of independence between the parties, trying to find the best solution to satisfy the needs of both.

The following is a guide to understand how to choose the best agency for one's needs, so as to make a deal, sell your house quickly and get what you want from an economic point of view, net of commissions and costs that, for an obvious matter, choosing to rely on the specific advice of real estate professionals entails in any case.

The general rules for selling your house with real estate agency and how it works

Before selling your house, it is essential to engage the agency that will collaborate with you on the best way to promote your property. In addition to the latter's popularity and perceived reliability, the first assessment to make in choosing it remains, however, that relating to the trust that the agency inspires.

Like it or not, the relationship with real estate brokerage agencies for the sale of real estate is in fact a fiduciary one, which is basically based on the relationship and communication with the real estate agent: agencies usually have several of them and their professionalism must be attested above all through their registration in the register of real estate trustees, which gathers all professionals in the sector.

Secondly, it is essential to refer to the opinions of other clients, which can attest to the seriousness of the company and which are easily obtained from the Internet and other means present on the web: following this information, the first approach therefore becomes important, from which finally will derive the actual economic agreement, attested in the real estate sales mandate entrusted to the agent.

How to work out the details with the real estate agency for the sales contract

During the contractual phase, it is first necessary to define what will be the amount of the real estate sales commission, that is, the fee of the real estate agent and the whole agency: historically, the activity of the real estate industry, is paid according to a percentage that is calculated on the cost of the total amount that the buyer will pay to buy the house.

It will then be useful to evaluate the services included in real estate commissions.
Usually, the selling agent when entering into a contract also well defines what his or her duties will be: making sure that he or she receives a full service from the real estate agency for the sale of the house, including, for example, marketing and promotion tools, is very important at this stage to sell well and quickly.

Finally, there is the duration of the assignment to the real estate agent, a topic that should be dealt with separately, along with possible clauses for exclusivity of the sale by the identified agency.

Total duration of the agreement and contract to sell a house with a real estate agency with or without exclusivity

Selling a house with an agency is a fairly important commitment because of the signing of a contract, which is usually stringent for both parties and should never be left to chance.

Among the aspects to pay attention to, surely, is that of the duration of the mandate, which acquires particular importance if it is connected to any exclusivity clauses: a good duration for both is six months, which can be raised up to 6 12 months in case of special agreements.

A term must certainly be given to the commercial agent who operates with exclusivity: giving exclusivity means giving an added value to one's property and making it attractive to the buyer by preventing the property from going into the hands of several agencies. It is then the agent's job to share with other agencies the features of the property to sell faster.

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