Buying a property is an operation that requires attention and knowledge of the market, whether it is a first home, a holiday flat or an investment.

The Swiss real estate market, and in particular that of the Canton of Ticino, has always aroused great interest among national and international investors.

One of the most renowned and sought-after cities in the Canton of Ticino is certainly Lugano, an ideal city for those in search of a quiet, safe and people-friendly place to live, but who do not want to give up a cosmopolitan, dynamic environment full of opportunities.

An important business center and Switzerland's third largest financial center, Lugano is also a popular tourist destination for holidays dedicated to nature, art, culture and shopping.

Its excellent geographic position, its connections with Italy and other Swiss cities, and its extensive network of local public transport make Lugano, and more generally the Lugano area, one of the most sought-after areas in Switzerland by those who love to live well.

Let's find out together which are the best areas to buy a house in the city, and the advice and aspects to take into consideration before proceeding with the purchase of a property in Lugano.

Why buy a house in Lugano?

Lugano has always attracted buyers and capital from all over the world. In particular, its favorable geographic proximity, its numerous work and business opportunities, combined with its modern style, make it a popular destination for Italians.

Its interesting old town center, beautiful parks, the cultural center LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura, numerous banks, factories, as well as the natural backdrop of the lake and mountains, make the entire city very attractive to tourists, border crossers and foreigners wishing to move to Switzerland.

The presence of international schools and people from all over the world give the area a modern and cosmopolitan soul.

What should you consider when buying a house in Lugano?

A city rich in economic prosperity and job opportunities, Lugano is among the European cities with the lowest index of thefts and offences.

High quality of life, cleanliness and care of public spaces, multiple educational opportunities (thanks to the presence of some of the best schools in Europe, universities and international institutes) make the city safe and livable, suitable for professionals, families with children and students from all over the world.

Lugano, like all large cities, is divided into districts, each of which is able to meet the personal and family needs of its inhabitants. Identifying the area that best suits one's needs is certainly one of the aspects that immediately emerges from MDA Group Real Estate's consultancy.

Where to live and buy a house in Lugano?

The city of Lugano is divided into 21 neighborhoods, some of which attract buyers' preferences due to their specific characteristics. So, let's see together which are the best areas in and around Lugano.

Lugano Center

This is the beating heart of the city. It represents the most exclusive area and also, of course, the most expensive. If your wish is to have the services and conveniences that only a city can offer, all directly under your doorstep, this is the area for you.

Like all city centers, Lugano's is characterized by the presence of flats for sale in condominiums, most of them finely renovated.

Given its strategic location and popularity as a tourist destination, properties in this area have the potential for value appreciation over time. This makes Lugano center an attractive option for those seeking a long-term real estate investment.

If your requirements, on the other hand, are oriented towards new properties, detached houses or villas with gardens, we advise you to continue reading the article to find the area that best represents you.

Lugano Paradiso Area

Another prestigious area of the city, Paradiso is the place that in recent years has catalyzed the majority of property requests in Canton Ticino.

Extremely well-kept and clean, it has been the focus of numerous building sites in recent years, which have modernized its appearance. It offers a variety of real estate options for different preferences and budgets. Flats of different sizes and architectural styles, luxury villas and detached houses can be found here. Some properties may offer exclusive services and amenities such as swimming pools, private gardens and panoramic terraces.

Paradiso is characterized by an enviable naturalistic location, standing at the foot of Mount San Salvatore and overlooking Lake Lugano, and by a tax advantage, the lowest tax multiplier in Canton Ticino.

These aspects make it, together with the city center, the most exclusive area in which to reside.

Collina d’Oro

An area of Lugano with the highest per capita income and a strongly international outlook, Collina d'Oro is the perfect residential area for families and foreigners, thanks to the presence of the famous American school TASIS.

Located to the south of the city, in a hilly area and close to the center, it is characterized by large green areas full of villas with generous sizes. If you are looking for a lake-view detached house or a villa with a garden in which you can peacefully raise your children, this is the area you should definitely consider in your investigations.

Its proximity to Agno airport and the motorway also make it a perfect location for those who have to travel frequently.

The areas of Melide and Bissone

Located in the southern part of Canton Ticino, within the Lugano district, immersed in a marvelous natural setting that makes them areas with a strong vocation for tourism, these areas also enjoy convenient proximity to the center and excellent motorway and rail connections. A range of services, such as banks, schools, supermarkets and restaurants also attract families who decide to move and raise their children in peace.

Properties in these areas can vary in price depending on their location, size and specific characteristics.

The Castagnola, Cassarate and Ruvigliana districts

A short walk from the centre, behind the river, are residential areas that offer a high quality of life, thanks to their privileged locations, panoramic views and proximity to the lake.

Castagnola and Ruvigliana are considered the most exclusive areas of Lugano. They offer a quiet, luxurious atmosphere surrounded by nature. The properties are often prestigious villas and modern luxury flats, in most cases used as secondary residences for those arriving from inland Switzerland or foreigners.

Cassarate on the north shore of Lake Lugano, east of the city center, is a more accessible area than Ruvigliana and Castagnola. It offers a variety of real estate options, including flats, townhouses and condominiums. It is popular for its proximity to the lake, parks and amenities such as shops and restaurants. It is a popular area for families and those seeking a livelier atmosphere and easy access to city activities.

It is difficult to comprehensively summaries the soul of a city in a few lines, but in this article, we have been able to get to know some of the distinctive traits that characterize the different areas of Lugano and the Lugano area.

For more in-depth advice, and to identify the best properties currently available on the market, we suggest you request an appointment with our MDA Group Real Estate agents.

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