Do you want to sell your home and turn it into a dream to buy?

Well, home staging is for you! Every home has its potential, we will think about how to bring it out in all its strength, making your property desirable from the first moment.

What is home staging?

Home staging is the art of preparing a home to make it desirable to customers and more easily sellable.

Home staging, in fact, helps interested customers to better understand the potential of a property for sale, to realise the spaces, to understand the practicality of the rooms and, more generally, the real strengths.

The customer, already on the first visit, is able to identify immediately and already feel at home. It is a practice that originated in America in the 1970s from the intuition of Barbara Schwarz, a real estate agent who realised how much easier and faster it was to sell houses that had been properly optimised and cared for to show their full potential.

The art of home staging has also spread to Europe and, today more than ever, it represents an effective marketing strategy in the real estate sector capable of arousing a strong appeal in the potential client and achieving a significant reduction in the time it takes to sell a property.

In fact, it is undeniable that home staging has a significant impact on how long a property stays on the market and on its selling price.

The positive effect can be measured at all levels, regardless of the starting price and location. It is a matter of leveraging indirect communication aspects that go well beyond the initial wow effect and act deeper, emotionally winning over our potential buyer.

Spaces are designed and structured in such a way as to arouse an affinity with the customer, stimulating his imagination and making him feel at home. Home staging can bring out the full potential of a property for sale, transforming the advertisement of a beautiful home into your home: warm, cosy and ready to live in.

Thrilling the customer and enhancing the home through home staging

An empty house struggles to convey deep emotions and communicate its true potential.

If we try to imagine entering a completely empty property, it is difficult to have a clear idea of what the final effect will be once the various rooms are furnished. Small defects are more easily noticed in an empty room, as the eye has few elements to dwell on.

The sight is not completely fulfilled, but the other senses are also at risk of being neglected: the echo of empty rooms, the cold, the impression of not being in a cosy, 'alive' space that smells of home, will leave us with a feeling of lack.

An empty house struggles to convey deep emotions and communicate its full potential. Now, on the other hand, we think of entering a house that is still inhabited, full of personal effects that characterise it and strongly link it to the taste and style of the current owners.

Also here we might feel like guests, visitors, and not be able to go beyond what we see at that precise moment. Finally, we think of being welcomed into a home enhanced through a well-studied home staging process: we will immediately be enveloped by a feeling of well-being and harmony.

We will notice functional and usable spaces, designed to meet the needs and expectations of a user who has the same characteristics and needs as us. This is the secret to turning a classic purchase into a successful real estate transaction: fast and profitable.

Home staging: an opportunity for everyone

Home staging is suitable for all types of property: furnished or empty, inhabited or uninhabited.

A real estate agency can offer an expert look at the property and bring in different professional skills, ranging from interior design and photography to, of course, property marketing.

Are you thinking of selling your house with an agency or are you simply curious about how much your property is worth on the market?

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