Home staging can make the difference between a beautiful home and one that truly feels like yours: attractive, cozy and full of potential.

Thanks to professional techniques applied to your listing, buyers will be seduced by the charm of the home you want to put up for sale.

In the previous article, we explained home staging and how it works.

Let's now look at the concrete advantages of using this technique to sell your home with an agency and what you can do to make the best possible impression on your property.

Benefits and opportunities of home staging

The benefits of home staging are multiple and affect both the seller and the buyer.

For the seller, the benefits are basically summarized in:

  • shorter period of time the property remains on the market
  • higher average selling price
  • sale that respects the real value of the property (fewer negotiations)
  • longer visit duration (greater involvement/interest of the potential buyer)
  • better perception of the property both on the web and in reality
  • possibility of standing out among many real estate advertisements

Having said that about the seller, let's come to the buyer.

Home staging is in fact also a very advantageous technique for the buyer. In particular those who are about to buy a property can find in home staging a valuable ally that will allow them to:

  • immediately see what the house will look like (no need to imagine it)
  • have the feeling of a 'ready-made house' (no need for renovation work)
  • benefit from greater emotional involvement in the buying process

Home staging is therefore a very useful solution for all parties involved in a property negotiation.

But how much does a home staging activity cost? And what can you expect from an agency that offers it?

Let's look at both these aspects in detail.

Costs and home staging activities

Home staging is an investment on the part of the owner who is putting the property up for sale.

It is not an expense but, as we have seen, a real investment that is repaid by its results: selling faster and at the best price.

Prices for the home staging service vary depending on the type of project being proposed.

These are obviously non-invasive interventions, much cheaper than a real renovation, temporary in nature and designed to optimize the result.

In fact, the interventions proposed in the consultancy phase are never structural and can concern the whole flat or just some rooms.

In particular, the home stager will focus on the harmonious and functional arrangement of furniture, on the use of colors to convey emotions, on the choice of textiles, details, and furnishing accessories, on the optimization of lighting, and, certainly, on the decluttering of what is considered superfluous and not useful for the final objective.

The activity is focused on enhancing the natural positive characteristics of the home and mitigating, or resolving, any defects or weaknesses.

In the fitting-out process, a de-personalization of the rooms is also pursued, so that potential customers can perceive an affinity from the first glance.


When to use a real estate agency offering home staging services?

Home staging is suitable for all types of properties: furnished or empty, inhabited or unoccupied.

An real estate agency will be able to offer an expert look at the property and bring in different professional skills, ranging from interior design to photography to, of course, property marketing.

The role of the expert: identify the strengths of the property identify the most suitable target audience, its tastes, and needs rationalize interventions, so as to optimize costs and maximize results coordinate the work of the various professionals involved, optimizing the timing of interventions obtain the best possible results at the sales stage in economic terms.

The experts are able to identify the areas for improvement, meet the budget and make the changes that have the greatest impact on the property for sale.

The activities that your agency will undertake:

  • inspection analysis of the property's strengths and weaknesses
  • definition of the target audience and identification of the strategy to be adopted
  • drafting of the home staging project and estimate
  • maintenance and decluttering
  • setting up and enhancing the environment
  • photographic service and emotional video

Because every home is unique. Every client is unique.

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