A real estate brokerage expert who knows how to use images with a high emotional impact, high-quality photographs, professional videos, virtual tours, 3D scans means using effective and powerful communication and sales tools.

The right presentation of a property, as is the case in all areas of our lives, is a big part of success when it comes to selling a home and also has a decisive influence on shortening the time taken to buy or sell.

Being able to turn images into emotions, catalyze the potential customer's attention and turn a personal wish into a sale is not within everyone's reach.

Photography, video and 3D scanning: why they work when you need to sell

High-quality professional photos and videos are able to represent the uniqueness of each property, but the real difference lies in the use of new technologies on the market.

Thanks to 360° virtual tours, 3D scans, augmented reality and aerial shots using drones, it is possible to improve customer engagement, offer new points of view and, above all, broaden the ways in which they can be enjoyed.

A trend that has emerged over the last few years, driven by an increasingly global market and boosted by the Covid-19 emergency, is the demand to view a property without physically carrying out an inspection.

Often buyers, especially in the luxury market and in certain countries with a high demand for real estate such as Switzerland, come from distant cities or countries and prefer to be able to choose, or at least pre-select, a property without undertaking long journeys.

This is where new technologies come into play, allowing the same experience to be recreated as during a physical inspection.

Virtual 360° tours and 3D scans provide an immersive experience for customers and offer the feeling of being able to "browse" through the property, turn their gaze along the 4 cardinal points and move around virtually to get a clear idea of the spaces.

In our experience, we have found that potential buyers are always positively amazed by the extremely realistic rendering of virtual tours and 3D scans, and real estate listings offering this type of content attract 95 per cent of customers who are highly interested in buying.

Remote visits and virtual tours - a win-win for buyers and sellers

Remote visits via 3D tours are a win-win for all parties involved in buying and selling.

The potential customer has the opportunity to look at the property from every angle without moving from home and to show up at a later appointment much more involved and interested.

The real estate agency provides a 24-hour virtual open house that is always accessible, which allows for better filtering of the target audience of interested users and, consequently, more profitable sales in less time.

The seller obviously benefits from all the positive aspects that a 3D experience can bring to facilitate and speed up the sale of their home.

After all, we all know it well: a curated, quality image is more effective, when it comes to property for sale, than a thousand detailed descriptions.

That is why, if you want to sell your home quickly and without stress, professional photos are the first, fundamental element in attracting potential buyers (as well as a service we have always offered).

Aerial shots using drones, panoramic photographs, 360° and 3D virtual tours, however, offer even more new and engaging viewpoints for the end buyer, reducing the time the property is on the market and optimizing the real estate brokerage work required.

And all this often results in more profitable and faster sales and even more satisfied sellers.

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