The real estate sector has always been a highly competitive market in which the visual component plays a decisive role in the sales process.

High-quality professional photos and videos are now an essential element in capturing the buyer's attention and promoting listings in an appealing way, but they are no longer enough to distinguish oneself from the competition.

The most avant-garde real estate agencies have realized the importance of relying on new technologies to make themselves instantly recognizable compared to competitors and offer a new buying experience to customers, but few realities manage to be truly innovative.

Our years of experience in the real estate sector, open-mindedness and aptitude for innovation allow us to constantly experiment with new ways of communicating and exploiting the full potential offered by technology.

Among the most brilliant marketing solutions we have adopted in recent years, aerial drone shots for professional photography and video have proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing the value of our real estate and selling it faster.

Thanks to aerial footage, we are not only able to describe a property from a unique and unprecedented point of view, but we can give our buyer an emotional experience and have a positive impact on the buying and selling process.

Abroad, particularly in the United States, the use of photos and videos taken with drones has now become standard in the real estate market and it is estimated that dwellings advertised with this type of visual material sell 7 times faster.

Real estate marketing with drones: what advantages?

The use of drones in real estate has the undeniable advantage of being able to show a property in a spectacular and fascinating way, offering the buyer a panoramic, exclusive and complete viewpoint.

Such a solution allows for an emotional and innovative experience compared to classic static and 'from the ground' shots, involving the customer at 360 degrees.

Aerial shots make it possible to immediately show the size of the property for sale and the context in which it is immersed. The images produced are spectacular and real at the same time: the existing situation is described exactly, not only of the property, but also of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The wow effect is what primarily attracts the buyer, but it is not the only element at play: aerial photographs and videos certainly appeal to the emotional aspect, but they also have the undoubted advantage of 'not lying'.

The garden, the swimming pool, the terrace, the external state of the property for sale and those nearby are filmed without filters and shown in an immediate and transparent way.

The services available in the area or the natural context can also be presented in an easy and intuitive way, such as the proximity to a park, lake, schools, sports or spa centre, etc.

Photographs and videos made with a drone are able to enhance the property's strengths to the fullest: being able to see with one's own eyes a bird's-eye view of the private swimming pool or garden, the privacy guaranteed by a thick hedge or majestic trees, the valuable elements of the façade or terrace, arouses emotions in the buyer that are difficult to replicate with traditional photo shoots.

The final effect is definitely attractive to the customer and leads to more targeted inspections, speeding up the sales process and reducing the time the property is on the market.

Drone footage speaks to the luxury market

When it comes to luxury real estate, the advantage of aerial drone filming is obvious: buyers often expect not only professional, but also spectacular photos and videos.

The highly demanding clientele is looking for a complete and memorable visual experience that will make them fall in love at first sight.

Describing a property through aerial footage allows us to show never-before-seen points of view of the property for sale, emphasize its merits more easily and immerse our client in the context right from the start.

Whether it is showing the wonderful private pool or the perfectly planted garden, highlighting the beautiful view of the lake or the direct access to the beach, aerial photography helps us communicate all the charm and magnificence of a property better than any classic photo shoot with 'ground' shots.

Drones allow us to produce photographs, videos, virtual tours inside and outside a property that give the client the impression of having already made an inspection.

People looking for a valuable property want to see all the details and 'visit' it as if they were already there.

Foreign buyers, professionals, families planning a move to a new city, have the desire (and the need) to select listings in a timely manner and preview them.

Aerial shots and virtual mini tours therefore become essential elements to attract attention from the very first moment, set targeted appointments with an already self-selected and highly motivated clientele and exponentially increase the chances of a quick sale.

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