The real estate market is always in motion and is characterized by a cyclical trend.

Large cities are constantly transforming, and their geography is constantly being redrawn: new neighborhoods are created from scratch, suburbs are redeveloped and take on new faces, while historic city centers remain rich in opportunities for buyers looking to invest in real estate.

Property owners try to take advantage of the most favorable market conditions to make optimal sales.

Sometimes, it may not be the right time to sell a house, or one may simply not have the need to undertake a purchase or sale. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to maintain the value of a house over time, in view of a possible future sale.

The value of a property obviously depends on its intrinsic characteristics:

  • Geographical location, city or neighborhood (for example, it makes a big difference in Lugano)
  • Overall size, exposure (brightness of the rooms, view, floor within a condominium)
  • General state of the building, presence of open spaces (gardens, balconies or terraces)
  • Presence of accessories (cellar, garage or parking space), layout and subdivision of rooms

If it is not possible to personally intervene on some of these characteristics, it is important to remember that there are several aspects to consider to maintain the value of one's home over time, exactly the same ones that, on the other hand, the buyer takes into consideration when choosing the house to buy.

Let's see them together.

The condition of the property

The most important aspect, and most under our control, is the internal condition of the property.

A well-maintained house, for which one invests in ordinary maintenance in order to maintain a good or excellent condition, is certainly a valid starting point against devaluation.

Painting the rooms, eliminating cracks on the walls, mold and humidity stains, erasing signs of wear and tear over time, preserving furniture, internal doors and furniture in good condition are interventions that contribute positively to maintaining the value of our home over time.

Choosing better lighting

The right lighting is certainly the added value of every home.

Light creates atmosphere, shapes and enhances an environment. If the exposure, the distribution of the rooms, or the floor on which the property is located do not play in our favor, it is always possible to intervene with quality and well-studied artificial lighting.

In this way, a pleasant effect can be created that enhances our home.

Maintenance or replacement of fixtures and flooring

Taking care of the house also involves more or less demanding interventions, depending on the condition of the property.

Floors and fixtures are two elements that are easily noticed during property visits.

Taking care of them and intervening when necessary is certainly an aspect to be taken into consideration. In some cases, it will be sufficient to repaint the fixtures to eliminate the effects of wear and tear over time, replace broken tiles or sand the parquet to immediately give a more cared for and modern look to the environment.

In other cases, more demanding interventions may be necessary, such as the replacement of fixtures and flooring, which will need to be evaluated from a cost-benefit perspective.

Renewal of systems and improvement of energy efficiency

Keeping one's home modern does not mean intervening aesthetically following the latest trends but working to improve living comfort and achieving results in terms of energy savings. A green renovation makes it possible to control consumption and costs, improve living well-being, and thereby increase the value of properties for sale.

The condition of the external areas and accessories

The external spaces, if neglected, negatively affect the value of the house.

For example, it may be necessary to pay attention to the state of the sunshade, balcony railing and flooring, grass and any plants in your garden, in order to always maintain a well-kept overall appearance.

The cellar and garage should also be periodically maintained to always be in good condition, without mold, peeling paint or stains.

Before proceeding with the sale of the property, it is also advisable to tidy up and clean all the relevant areas.

These are the main aspects to consider in order to maintain the value of our home over time and avoid heavy devaluations due to neglect and poor maintenance. A house in good condition, rather than in mediocre conditions, has a greater chance of being sold quickly and at a better price with similar features.

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